Thursday, February 02, 2012

Fill Her Up!

Any of you old enough to remember pulling into a gas station (in your mother's station wagon, perhaps?) and telling the attendant who rushed to your window clad in a starched company shirt that you'd like him to "Fill her up"? More often, I uttered "Could you put 50 cents in please?" Ah, the days of full service complete with oil checks and windshield washing.

This morning I poured my coffee and came down to my office. I usually park on the couch with the morning news before heading full steam into the day. Today, I need to pack. My office houses my wonderful iMac and desk on one side and on the other - my scrap world. I'm blessed to have a whole room dedicated to the activities I love because my husband, Mike, is so generous. The downside (if there is one) to having such space is that it invites the accumulation of more goodies. 

I'm headed to a nearby town with some of my besties for a weekend of scrapping, laughing, munching, advice-giving and chick-flick watching. And most of it could be while wearing our pajamas. I love this event. I've been blessed to be included for a few years now and it never fails to fill me up. One reason is that I'm removed from all things routine. It's nice once and a while to make your own schedule and include only what you'd like to do. Another reason is the contentment of creating. I'm one of those creative people by nature and being able to immerse myself in that is like medicine to my soul. (Apologies to all of you analytical types out there now scratching your heads.) 

The other reason this get-away fills me up is the time spent with other women. All younger than myself but in different stages of life, motherhood and marriage. The conversations can take off in any direction and that's what makes it fun. There is no planned agenda. We've discussed things from how to talk to your kids about sex to giggling over dazed gals gripping scissors preparing for bed. I've heard the musical Grease sung with gusto by girls from the 80's. We all get phone calls at some point by family members "checking in." No matter what takes place, I treasure it. I grew up in a house full of boys, in a neighborhood with boys and with boy cousins abounding. 

Girlfriends - no matter the age - thrill me. Time with them is valuable and I never take it for granted. They may not always be on their best behavior, but their hearts are knit like mine - with the lacy thread only God can sew. He orchestrates these girl get-aways for me. And I can almost hear him saying "Fill her up!"

"Above all, love each other deeply, because love covers over a multitude of sins."
  1 Peter 4:8


  1. Girls are the best! Have a fun weekend. :)

  2. I too, have a studio and I know exactly what you mean about feeling happiest when you're creating something. Have a great weekend. Fill 'er up!