Thursday, April 26, 2012

Thankful Thursday #3

Storm clouds moved past us this morning and now the sun is promising a clear day in the 70's. That's something to be thankful for already. What an odd spring we've had with temps in February that resembled Spring and then back to 30's. It's almost like the thermometer is on a pogo stick. (Do kids today even know what that is?)

Picking a few things today that I'm so thankful for. The first that comes to mind is my one and only son, Josh, who's sleeping away in his bed at the moment. He hasn't been home to visit since Christmas, so my heart is glowing! Our family loves spending time together doing whatever. And that's why I'll be hurrying through the list today so I can get on with the day!

#2 My phone. Love my iPhone. Most do, right? But, today I'm going to the store to swap it because I've worn out my "home" button. Wow. Maybe I need to stop checking on everything so often! Anyway, because I was smart for once and bought the Apple Care, I can take it in and get a new one. Until I upgrade in a few months! Apple rocks. 

#3 This one will leave you scratching your head and thinking I'm pitiful. I only use this when it's absolutely necessary, but when I do, it's nice to have something to make the work easier. I recently bought a new iron - nothing pricey or elaborate. But, how nice to have an iron that glides, doesn't spit stained water on my white shirt and heats up. Oh, and the spray starch helps us appear so put together!

#4 Staying with the Domestic Diva theme here, I'll throw this one in the mix. I'm so thankful for tips I find on the internet. There are recipes I make that call for a tablespoon of tomato paste. Even the little cans are too much and it kills me throwing all of that away. So, I found a great idea. Spray a plastic ice-cube tray with non-stick spray, spoon the paste into the squares and then freeze. Pop them into a plastic bag, place in the freezer and then you have them to throw into soup or recipes! 

Your turn! What are you thankful for today?

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Thankful Thursday #2

Well, lookie there - it's Thursday again! And you thought I forgot. Time to show a few more little things I'm thankful for. And then, you add your own.  I really enjoyed hearing from you last week - great examples of what you love. So, take a minute and think of a few more things that make you thankful.

Fresh flowers on my counter! I love all of them, but today I splurged on pale pink carnations. Sigh~

My trusty wind-up solar  Emergency Radio. It has NOAA stations too, a flashlight, and even a port to charge your cell phone. Now, just hoping I don't have to use it for weather!
Yep - I made a lemon meringue pie last night for company dinner. Yum! I borrowed the recipe from a blog I love - My Own Sweet Thyme (She's a Kentucky Girl!)

My Birthday present last month and I'm loving it! Now to find some Lend Me Friends to share with...

What I'm hearing outside right now. "Thump, thump, swoosh!"My favorite neighborhood coach is always ready to shoot a few with the six-year-old next door. Gotta love my man!

Ok, Y'all - Your Turn. Don't disappoint me!

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Feeling Blue

I love...I said LOVE to entertain. Now, as far as cleaning the house in preparation, that's another story. Ah, to be loaded and hire that out. But, to plan the decorations and menu and then put it all together - well, that's something that makes my pulse quicken.

I had dreamed of having a Blue Dinner Party. Not blue as in sad. I adore the color Aqua. Like the shade of water in the Caribbean. It makes me happy and I thought it would be such fun to put together an outdoor dinner party with that color as the theme. So, a few years ago, I began planning. Along with shopping for decorations, that was the most fun. I even had invitations printed! A real splurge.

I picked the date, mailed out the invites and then it hit. The most extreme heat and humidity we'd seen in years. Even tough outdoor types were whining and staying in air-conditioning. Sick to your stomach heat. Hey - what could I do then? The invites were out and the guest list was set. So, we trudged on.

The deck above held the drink/appetizer table so they could all mingle there before we ate. Needless to say, they were troupers for sitting in the afternoon sun. I didn't make them stay there long.

Underneath, we moved the patio furniture over to the driveway for later star gazing.

On the patio, we set two tables. (And had the box fan plugged in - what a classy touch!)

I found some fun paper plates that drove the whole decor. I used the versatile white plastic table cloth roll under my placemats. I found the glass pebbles at a craft store and picked up the small vases on sale which I filled with blue hydrangeas. The napkin rings were easy. I stitched some white elastic into rings and then  hot glued the white glitter star on top. A tie-in to the star gazing mentioned above. Being a scrapbooker, I made the place cards with my computer, a stamp, and beach shell cut-outs. The food was on buffet tables  so they could feel free to go back for more. My adorable daughter agreed to make "puffs" to hang overhead along with our patio light strings.
As the evening sun set, the air cooled and the conversation flowed easily. Our guests lingered for a relaxed night of food and friends.

I'm getting a hankering for another Blue Night at our house. I have all the decorations, so...
 now the big question - what date can I pick that won't be sweltering, storming or unseasonably cold? 
Anyone feeling blue besides me?

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Thankful Thursdays

I've been trying to train my attitude. Anyone else? Cranky complainers are just not fun to be around and I certainly don't want to be a lifetime member of that club. Oh, I can snipe with the best of them, but what a drag. Not only for those subjected to the comments, but for the complainer as well. My southern momma used to say that was just "being ugly." Next thing you know, you feel weighed down and washed out.

So, I've decided to find things to be thankful for. It's really pretty easy. And it's becoming a habit that lifts my spirit, makes me smile and opens my day for good things. There are days when I'm thankful for BIG things in my life. We all have those. Healings, miracles, job offers, sales of houses, etc. But, most days, it's the little things that I'm noticing more.

I'm going to try to share a few of those little things with you blog readers on Thursdays. Feel free to chime in and add a few of your own. You might catch yourself smiling!

Today I'm thankful for:

A free Mocha Frap from Stabucks for my birthday!! Yum!

This cute sign to welcome Spring in my hall bathroom.

Our adorable pal, Woody, who gazes out the window while we eat supper. (Such a good pooch!)
And this tiny silver box that a friend gave me years ago. Just big enough to hold a dainty necklace. (I love the butterfly perched on top.)

Ok - Your Turn!

Friday, April 06, 2012

Just in Time

Many walked by the hill that day as they hurried about their business.They were on the road heading in and out of the city. The morning was slipping by and there was much to be done. They had no time to gawk at those on the hill. Besides, they’d seen it all before.Thieves, murderers and crooks paying for their crimes.
If they had paid attention, they would have watched guards laughing and gambling. Not an uncommon activity. They would have heard sobs from those gathered - not an uncommon sound. They would have seen blood stained crosses holding convicted men - not an uncommon sight. But, they had places to go and things to do. They didn’t notice. Until the sky turned dark as night in the middle of the afternoon. Noon in fact. Was a storm approaching? Should they seek cover? Many continued on hoping to avoid what might be coming.People looked at the sky over and over again. For three hours.
For three hours, Pilate paced in his opulent quarters wondering about his wife’s dream.
For three hours, members of the religious council conferred with each other over decisions made and allegiances sealed. 
For three hours, hiding disciples wept.
Then...a shout from the hill. 
The earth rumbled and shook.They heard the roar as dirt moved beneath their feet and they dodged bouncing debris. They watched in terror as huge rocks split like eggshells. Women shrieked and children cried out in panic. The noise was loud and angry. The rubble flew and dust clouded. Panic prevailed. And then, it stopped.
People stood up, dusted themselves off and moved on.They slapped one another on the back in congratulations.“Praise be to Yahweh,” they said. “He saved us from death.”
For three hours that Friday.

Sunday, April 01, 2012

Stormy Sunday

Usually, on Sunday morning, I'm entering my church about now. Ready to see good friends, share smiles and hugs, sing praises and listen to a message that I need to hear. Sundays are good medicine for me.

This morning, I'm sitting at the kitchen table in dim light watching the stormy clouds hang and drift. Nothing alarming - just a little thunder here and there. The dishes are done, the washer and dryer are doing their rhythmic thing behind me and the dog is snoozing on the sofa. I didn't stay home because I'm sick or busy. I just felt the need to be here.

I'm alone. But, not really.

I'm never alone. I know so many women with small kids and busy lives feel that way. I can remember when I was in that arena and thought I'd never be in a bathroom alone. Privacy was a long lost friend. We women are born nurturers and spend most of our waking hours hoping to attend to other's needs. We feel good when we can see smiles and hear sighs of contentment. It's good. Yet, even then, we sometimes crave that time when no one needs us right this second. When we can turn all the noise makers off and hear...quiet.

So, today,with the exception of my canine companion who needs nothing right now, I'm alone. But, as I said, I'm never alone. I have a gentle companion who is always with me. He seldom raises his voice. He usually whispers quiet encouragement to my soul. He isn't a show-off. But, he's always there. If I'm not listening or looking for him, I often miss him. I can forget he's even around. To be honest, I even ignore him sometimes. It's amazing he's still with me.

But he never, ever, ever forgets me. He made me a promise to stick around forever. Even when I'm ignoring him. And I know I can count on his promises. He's not one who says one thing and does another. He's passed the test. Proven himself over and over again. When even my dearest people let me down, I know there is one I can count on. And I run to him. Often, running with tears.

He's closer than a brother, a constant companion, a teacher, encourager, and guide.

He knows my thoughts.
He sees my heart.
And he loves me completely.

I'm spending this stormy Sunday morning with Him.

(John 14:15-27)