Thursday, February 23, 2012

That's Incredible!

Last night we watched a program on the building of the Ice Hotel in Sweden. They build a new design every year and after hosting visitors for a few months, it melts back into the river. Then, they begin again. Entirely out of ice and snow. It's incredible!

And, have you seen the sidewalk art? I'm not talking about what your kids do on the driveway with those big nubby chalk sticks. This stuff makes you dizzy. Your mouth drops open. It's 3D and I am amazed at how these artists can "see" this image and put it on the pavement. It's incredible!

And then, of course, there's my son- the Nashville musician. Yes, yes, I'm a proud mama, but he's got a shot. He's a natural; one of those people who hear a song, pick it out and sound great. Piano lessons paid off, but talent was just part of his wiring. And... he's incredible!

Three examples of some incredible things. Art that makes it hard to believe.
If you break down the word "incredible" you find that it means not credible. Not believable.

The other day, I was listening to a broadcast where someone said the Word of God was incredible. It made me stop listening. Oh, I understand that we use that term now for anything that is amazing or marvelous. And, I've probably said the same thing about some Bible verse, but this made me realize I should never say that again. I believe the Bible is believable. Every dot and dash. It's... credible.

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