Saturday, February 26, 2011

Turn on the Light!

      I am not one of those whiney winter people who incessantly talk about being ready for the beach, but today, I've met my match with grey. (Or "gray" as it's spelled in the States.)  I've lived in Louisville all of my life and therefore, am familiar with the Ohio Valley and what living in this crevice brings.  In the summer, the humidity is a constant bedfellow with the hot temperatures.  Breathing becomes inhaling "soup".  Winter in the valley here can surprise us with stalled snow systems that nestle in and dump us with record amounts.  In 1994, we received 22" of the white stuff!  No matter the season, our hometown wears the moniker of Top Allergy City.  How's that for a marketing gimmick?
     But the grey!  The constant clouds!  This year, it seems so... grey. I just looked up the average number of cloudy days here and it's 171.  Not counting the partial days.  
     Today is a Saturday.  Usually a day when people are out running errands and life seems to bustling.  I decided to escape from the house where the grey has taken up residency and fill up amid people. I bought a new cell phone case. I shopped at Target - usually a happy store for me.  Ate a healthy salad in my car with the grey skies filling all the windows.  I browsed at Barnes & Noble (my favorite guilty pleasure) sipping a free coffee and looking at spring decorating magazines.  I was planning to make another stop when I threw in the dingy towel. "I'm actually depressed!" I said aloud. My van headed home.  So, what's the answer besides move?  Buy one of those goofy sunshine lights?  
     Are you serious?  These babies cost around $140.  I'd rather spend that on chocolate and a ticket to the islands.  Besides, I can't see me sitting in front of this every day soaking in happy light without feeling ridiculous.
     Maybe if I post some photos of things I love, they might distract me.
     This is my most favorite color and makes me happy:
     This guy has made me laugh for 32 years!

     I would LOVE to travel here someday (even though they have a few gray days as well):

But, until then, I've decided to put on some rocking music that reminds me of summer nights in high school. I'm going to finish scrapbooking the photos of our cruises.  I've turned on all the lights in my office and I'm telling myself it's May in the Bluegrass state.  I may get out the summer linens and set the table.  Or inform the nut of my life (see photo of old glasses above) that we're heading out to dine.  Who knows? There may even be chocolate involved.  Beats staring at a light.


  1. Amy Meredith5:55 PM

    I too am over the gray skies, but keep reminding myself that it is STILL February! I am wearing the necklace I got in Hawaii tonight and that makes me smile and think of something besides gray and cold weather. I hope your summer linens help and order a fruity drink at dinner to top off your summer dreaming!

  2. I'm depressed too Wendie! It's my slump month!
    Let's do a movie night to celebrate March and sunny skies!

  3. Jilli7:53 AM

    Yep I'm right there with you. February has been ROUGH!!! Emotionally, mentally and physically. And while I am enjoying the sound of the rain while I lay in my bed this morning, I know that those grey skies will be there when I get up. Le sigh. I am in desperate need of girl time!!!

    PS That kitchen photo is beautiful. There's your muse. Decorate/paint your kitchen like that!!!!