Wednesday, February 29, 2012

This is a Fine Mess!

After a long day, Mike and I decided to run up the road for a pizza dinner. I'm so thankful for an understanding husband who never gripes about what's for dinner. We enjoyed the thin crust creation and drove home ready to put on pajamas and wind down for the night.

Our garage is on the lower level of our walk-out home, so we normally come in to our TV Room and head upstairs.When we opened the door into the darkened room, we immediately knew something was out of place. A white line was drawn on our dark green carpet. From here to there and up the stairs. At the top of the stairs was our sweet puppy (of almost 3 years), Woody. He always races to the top and waits patiently for us whenever he hears the garage door open. And there he lay looking at us with innocent eyes.

"What is it?" Mike asked as I bent down to feel the white stuff.
"Some kind of flour," I answered. "He must have gotten into the unfinished side of the basement where we store stuff."

Wheat Germ flour. I had tried several bread recipes and stored it away. One of us apparently didn't close the door tightly. When we followed the line upstairs, it continued to the couch where we found the empty bag. And Woody sat by the door with gummy paws and a plastered mouth. He kept trying to stick out his tongue. It was sort of pitiful to watch.

Mike grabbed the vacuum and I grabbed the dog. After washing all the goo off of the outside, I discovered the reason he kept swallowing. The roof of his mouth was loaded with a large wad of wheat flour. We all know that when you add liquid to flour, you make glue, right? I did what any doggie mamma would and stuck my finger in there and dug the thing out.

Within an hour, the house was vacuumed, the dog bathed and dried and all three of us sat exhausted on the couch.  Maybe next time, we'll order in.

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