Thursday, April 26, 2012

Thankful Thursday #3

Storm clouds moved past us this morning and now the sun is promising a clear day in the 70's. That's something to be thankful for already. What an odd spring we've had with temps in February that resembled Spring and then back to 30's. It's almost like the thermometer is on a pogo stick. (Do kids today even know what that is?)

Picking a few things today that I'm so thankful for. The first that comes to mind is my one and only son, Josh, who's sleeping away in his bed at the moment. He hasn't been home to visit since Christmas, so my heart is glowing! Our family loves spending time together doing whatever. And that's why I'll be hurrying through the list today so I can get on with the day!

#2 My phone. Love my iPhone. Most do, right? But, today I'm going to the store to swap it because I've worn out my "home" button. Wow. Maybe I need to stop checking on everything so often! Anyway, because I was smart for once and bought the Apple Care, I can take it in and get a new one. Until I upgrade in a few months! Apple rocks. 

#3 This one will leave you scratching your head and thinking I'm pitiful. I only use this when it's absolutely necessary, but when I do, it's nice to have something to make the work easier. I recently bought a new iron - nothing pricey or elaborate. But, how nice to have an iron that glides, doesn't spit stained water on my white shirt and heats up. Oh, and the spray starch helps us appear so put together!

#4 Staying with the Domestic Diva theme here, I'll throw this one in the mix. I'm so thankful for tips I find on the internet. There are recipes I make that call for a tablespoon of tomato paste. Even the little cans are too much and it kills me throwing all of that away. So, I found a great idea. Spray a plastic ice-cube tray with non-stick spray, spoon the paste into the squares and then freeze. Pop them into a plastic bag, place in the freezer and then you have them to throw into soup or recipes! 

Your turn! What are you thankful for today?

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