Monday, May 27, 2013

All That Glitters


         “I want the one with sparkles!” 

  When my girl was young, sparkles on anything won her heart. The gaudier the better. Princess tiaras, ruby plastic slippers, posters of ponies or glittered t-shirts - no matter the item, if it sparkled, it topped her desire list. I knew if I didn’t fill her closet with sparkles, the “fun grandma” would. My fashion sense veered more toward a classic, preppy look. Oxford shirts, seersucker, and grow-grain ribbon were staples in my closet. So, whenever my girl ran to a rack full of sparkles, I had to pause and mentally calculate how much glitter my world could handle.

     The other day, I looked around my guest bathroom. Several years ago, I had a creative idea to paint it white and make it a blank canvas for seasonal decorating. Since then, I regularly change the bathroom theme. Christmas decor transitions into Winter Snow, followed by Valentines, Easter, Spring, Summer Flip-Flops and finally Fall. 

     Wait. Bathroom decor? Have we switched topics?

     Hold on. My wandering brain can jump from mundane to meaningful. And the most wacky thoughts take off like a kid pedaling on high speed toward the ice-cream truck. I love random! And I love linking random to Jesus.

     Back to the bathroom. Looking at the current Spring decor, I noticed there were two things that glittered. Although I’d bought them and put them out for a few years, it never hit me that the preppy woman had sparkles in her guest bath. “I wonder what the attraction is for sparkles in our world?” I thought. “What draws us to it?”

     Sparkles shine. Duh. They catch the light, reflect it brilliantly and capture our attention. When you scan an isle of merchandise, if it shines, it draws your eye. (And your preschool daughter.) Glittering light is a cool sight, whether in my bathroom or from fireworks in the sky. It’s safe to say we’re all impressed with amazing light.

     If we’re impressed with sparkles here, what kind of glitter will heaven show us? It’ll be like glitter-mania, sparkle explosion times ten thousand. How will we even look at it? We’ll stand there and actually see, not just a reflection of the source of light, but THE light. John 8:12 tells us what Jesus said in no uncertain terms: “I am the Light of the world.” 

  When that same apostle, John, was given a glimpse of heaven as he sat on a rocky island he wrote in Revelation 21:23 “And the city has no need of sun or moon, for the glory of God illuminates the city, and the Lamb is its light.” 

Woah. No blinding sun... but a dazzling Son. 
Now, that kind of sparkle could knock my preppy socks off.

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