Sunday, December 18, 2011

Hanging On?

It was one of those moments this morning. I looked out my window at the tall sycamore. The brilliant December sun lit it up like a Christmas display and as I uttered a prayer of thanks, I noticed one leaf on a branch dangling in the breeze. There are a few stragglers left hanging, but I focused on this one at the end of it's branch. That's when I had a flash of "Oh, this is like that."

The last leaf to let go. Ever been there? Hanging on to something afraid to let go? Your knuckles aching but your fear driving you to keep that grip. Because, who knows what awaits if you surrender and release? Maybe all around you have moved on and you're the last. They might even be shouting from below, "Come on, let go. It's great here and we're all waiting for you." So, what's holding you back? Are you happy there dangling by yourself but determined?

Eventually, some winter wind or the burden of snow will take the leaf down. Sometimes, the cruel winds and burdens of life knock us down. Most of us can give examples of those times. But, are there times when God's waiting for you to let go so that he can move you to something better? Are you postponing a life changing experience?

Can you hear someone shouting to you? "Come on, let go. I'm waiting for you."

Trust in the LORD with all your heart
and lean not on your own understanding;
in all your ways submit to him,
and he will make your paths straight.

- Proverbs 3:5-6

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