Sunday, November 27, 2011

Scary Santa

     Chris has been around here since he was in high school. So much so, we became "Mom2 and Dad2." He and our son, Josh, are best friends and throughout the past ten years they've spent many days together whether here or at college.
     We usually have a Christmas party and the first year Chris came, he wore a smile all night. He loved the cookies, the people and the festive decorations... but later, I learned there was one decoration he wasn't so happy about. My Santa face. The one I grew up with in my childhood home. I always thought he looked so real. Just like the magical Santa of the story.
Not Chris. "He's scary! I hate looking at him."
     Just last week, Chris was on his honeymoon when I decorated the house. I couldn't help sending him a holiday text with a picture entitled, "He's baaaaack!" I hope Chris' wife finds the perfect place for this when I'm gone. Maybe above the bed?

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