Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Hey, Watch This!

There haven't been too many times in my life when I get so thrilled that I just want to shout. I'm a pretty even-keeled kinda woman. But, this morning - I'm a wiggling giggling mess.

In case I haven't told ya - my two kids are phenomenal. No bias here. Really.

My youngest, Josh (23), is launching into the career of his dreams. We've been anxiously awaiting his first music video. We've heard all about each step as he's worked on "covers." I'm old-school, so I didn't know what that was at first. A cover is someone else's hit that you perform. The music business has changed over the years and in this age of technology and the internet, the way to begin a music career is to put some familiar "covers" on YouTube. Why? So, when people are searching for a popular song, your version might pop up in the search and they find you, like you, and pass it along to friends. The more views he has, the better his chances of others finding him. Once that all happens, you can launch your own stuff - and he has it waiting to roll!

Today, Josh put up the first of many covers on YouTube. He plans to add another by the end of the week and then more weekly. He's hoping that they get a lot of views (so... you know what's coming now, don't you?) Yep - Here's the video. If you would, watch, click like and even post on your Facebook page if you like it.

Hey - I've purchased many a candy bar from your kids....

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