Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Finding You Already HAVE a Blog!

FOUR YEARS - since my last post. Had enough time to ponder that one?

Actually, I didn't even remember setting up this page. I wanted to explore this blog thing a while back and vaguely remember going to the website. When I tried to sign in today and create a page, it brought me here. Gotta laugh. I think four years ago I was intimidated. This was a new world I hadn't seen yet. I worried about how to make a great page, what to write that anyone would care to read (this thought being a writer's constant companion) and I probably had to get off of the computer to do some necessary task like cook dinner. And now, four years later, maybe I can add something a bit more interesting. No promises, mind you.

I'm currently reading Crazy Love by Francis Chan. I'm immersed in this book so far. So many of the thoughts expressed have been running through my mind for months. Don't you love it when you find a book that not only speaks to you, but yells? It's a God thing. He's knocking. The subtitle is Overwhelmed by a relentless God. Yeah, he is. I'm so glad. If he wasn't relentless in pursuing me, I'd be face down in a sludge pit by now. I still tend to slip and slide close to that pit more than I like to admit.

A few lines from the book have lived with me all day. Maybe they'll pluck a nerve in you, maybe not. Just thought I'd share.

The irony is that while God doesn't need us but still wants us, we desperately need God but don't really want him most of the time. He treasures us and anticipates our departure from this earth to be with Him - and we wonder, indifferently, how much we have to do for Him to get by.

A wise man comes before God without saying a word and stands in awe of Him.

Isn't it a comfort to worship a God we cannot exaggerate?